Introduction to Netent Jacks or better

Netent Jacks or better is an online poker game that mimics the traditional poker game you find at landbased casinos. The game is the digitized form and the gameplay is made to be the same. Just like every other poker, your aim is to have a hand that resembles one of nine different outcomes. Each of the outcomes pays differently. All you just need to do is to learn the playing options used to interact with the game. If you want to learn about how to choose the best online casino, you should check out the official website of 1netentcasino .

Netent Jacks or better gameplay

To begin playing poker, you need to first set your bet to match your bankroll. To do this, you should first set the levels option. This has a value between 1 and 5 aad the higher the value, the more bet you wager per deal. You can decide to use the max bet option if you want set the bet to the maximum. If you are looking for a way to become better at betting online you can check out the official website of theleosden for a complete guide to betting. Below are some of the outcome to match in this video poker game.

  • Royal straight flush
  • Straight flush

The next step is to set the coin value of the game. The game is played in coins nad your bankroll is converted yo coins before the game begins. YOU can set the conversion rate of the coin as you play the game to adjust how much of the coin correspond to your bankroll. The coin value can be set to values between 0.01 and 0.5 coin value. The conversion is done by multiplying the number of hands by coin value set to get the hand coin value. Then your total bankroll is divided by the total hand coin value to get the number of coins.

Jacks or better features

As you must have noticed, the game includes traditional poker hands and also special hands, Jacks or better as the name implies. This refers to the pairs of jack or cards higher than this pair. These cards include King, Queen and Aces. You can play the age with as much as 25 hands. However, to improve the edge of the house each hand has a dedicated 52 card deck. You should know that no two hands share a deck of card. To begin playing, you hit the deal icon and five cards are distributed to you where the better cards are held for you automatically.

Your aim is to match some certain combinations which will be discussed. The highest paying combination is the Royal straight flush and it pays as high as 4000 coins when the bet that wins that combination is made on level 5. However, if the best is set to the lowest, you can still win as high as 250 coins. The straight flush is another combination that pays high. If the round is made at level 5, you will get as high as 200 coins when you make a combination that matches the straight flush. Other matches pay between 5 and 40 coins.

Jacks or better gamble

The game gives you the opportunity to even double up your bet when you hit a combination. Imagine you hit a combination at level 1, the number of coins you win will be very small compared to when it was won on level 5. By using the gamble feature, you have the opportunity to double your wins. When you select the gamble feature after a win, all you need to do is to guess the colour of the card that will be flipped. If you guess correctly, you get a chance to make more guesses. However, you can also lose your bet